Bulbasaur Dog Costume – Be the Coolest Pokemon In Town!

Are you the ultimate Bulbasaur fan? If so, why not express yourself and your undying love for Bulbasaur by dressing up your furry best friend in an adorable Bulbasaur Dog Costume!

From vibrant green spines and bright yellow bellies, these costumes will help turn heads no matter where you go (check out our gallery below)!

Whether you’re taking part in costume contests or simply hoping to have some adorable photos to remember, we have all the guidance you need when it comes time to pick the perfect pooch ensemble.

So let’s get started because ‘Gotta Catch Em All!’

dog bells about authorLinda Ashley, dogbells.com

Linda Ashley is a passionate blogger and a proud mom of a three little Corgis. She loves fashion, nature and enjoys walking with her dogs. Every weekend, Linda will take them to the park to play. She also believe that dog is best friend of hooman.

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