Eeyore Dog Costume – Cute & Pawesome Outfit For Dogs

Transform your pup into a scene-stealing Disney character with an Eeyore Dog Costume!

This cute outfit will great for Halloween, costume parties and photoshoots because it not only will your pup look absolutely chic in it… It will also bring a smile to everyone’s face!

Your pup deserves to be treated like royalty – why not do it with an Eeyore Dog Costume?

Unisex Eeyore Dog Costume

Winnie The Pooh Pet Costume, Eeyore

Whether your dog is male or female, we have something for them to match the upcoming event.

This dog custome by Rubie fits most pets perfectly, and if you’re planning for a birthday or a gifting event, you might want to consider this for your pet.

dog bells about authorLinda Ashley,

Linda Ashley is a passionate blogger and a proud mom of a three little Corgis. She loves fashion, nature and enjoys walking with her dogs. Every weekend, Linda will take them to the park to play. She also believe that dog is best friend of hooman.

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